Site Licenses

The Navicat Site License Program (SLP) allows corporations or institutions the right to use a specific number of Navicat licenses concurrently in one physical location. Our Site License Program maximizes users’ productivity, allowing multiple departments to efficiently managing database(s) across the organization.

SLP Level - SLP Site Seats

A - 10

B - 20

C - 40

D - 70

E - 100

Site Definition

Navicat Site Licensing Program allows users to install Navicat in one physical location. "One physical location" is defined as within one building or facility located at the same address.

Site Seats

Site Seats are the maximum number of users using the software concurrently within the Site.


Deployment of software is only allowed to machines at the Site stated in the sales contract. User is forbidden to deploy the software in locations other than the address listed in the sales contract: this includes any new buildings at the licensed address and any other locations that are not authorized by Navicat.

Adding Locations: If a designated licensed facility has expanded its physical location and wish to continue using the Navicat Site License at the new address, any additional locations may only be issued by upgrading the site license. The number of license seats in the new location(s) may be added to the original contract to determine the new pricing tier.


For more details and pricing on Navicat Site License Program, please submit a ticket indicating the SLP level to Navicat Sales Department.

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