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What's New in Navicat 16.1 - Part 3 Jul 21, 2022 by Navicat


Trend Line supported

Starting with Navicat 16.1, trend line can be added in Vertical/Horizontal Bar Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart, Bar and Line Chart, and Scatter Chart. To make your chart even more understandable and easily interpreted, you can change the default appearance of a trendline. For this, just simply click on Trend Line tab in Properties pane.

Better properties pane

The Properties pane allows you to customize your charts. Before, all properties were displayed under one panel only. Now, properties are categorized into several tabs - General, Data, Axis and Trend Line. Each tab regroups the properties and settings, ensuring that you can easily look for the right properties settings when you need them.

Support for additional month format

We’ve added the ability to abbreviate the name of the month to one-letter. For example, January appears as J.

Changing chart color

Previously, it was time-consuming to look for the color settings in Properties pane. It’s now possible to change the chart color on right-click context menu.

Other improvements

  • We’ve enhanced our filter function which now divided into two filters. The Data Filter is for filtering the source data in the current chart; The Display Filter is applying on the display data.
  • Added smoothed line in Line Chart.
  • Added "Restore Defaults (Style Only)" on each Properties tab for restoring the chart style only.
  • Added hint when resizing/moving objects in dashboard.
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