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Navicat 17: A Sneak Peek Apr 30, 2024 by Robert Gravelle

It's official: Navicat 17 (English Edition) is currently in Beta and scheduled to launch on May 13! If you thought that Navicat 16 introduced a lot of exciting new features, you may want to sit down for this. There is so much ground to cover for this upgrade that we can barely get through all of them in one article. Nonetheless, today's blog will at least provide an outline of what to expect come May 13 (for English Edition).

All-New Model Workspace

The Model Workspace has been completely redesigned to include enhanced diagram design, a more powerful synchronization tool, support of data dictionary, and more.

model_workspace (259K)

Data Profiling

The Data Viewer now integrates a Data Profiling tool that provides a visual and comprehensive view of your data.

data_profile (203K)

Data Dictionary

The new Data Dictionary provides documentation and descriptions for each data element within databases across various server platforms. A wizard guides you though every step of the process to create a highly professional finished document:

data_dictionary (97K)

Query Pinned Result

Clicking the Pin button on any query result retains it for later reference.

query_pinned_result (205K)

Query results may be just as easily discarded using the Unpin button.

Visual Query Explain

Available in MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL, Visual Query Explain can help you gain valuable insights on query implementation in ways that the traditional text Explain simply can't.

visual_explain (113K)

Table Profile

Now you can save different combinations of filters, sort order, and column displays that are frequently used for the table.

table_profile (90K)

You can also see in the above screenshot that you now have the option to show the data types in the column headers.

Navicat URI

This feature allows team members to share and locate server objects with ease.

navicat_uri (108K)

Manage Connection

Navicat 17 helps you to organize your connections with stars, colors and groups, or even hide them.

manage_connection (160K)

Business Intelligence (BI) Feature

The Business Intelligence (BI) includes a couple of additions:

  • Chart Interaction: All charts on a dashboard can be interconnected.
  • Calculated Field: Data can now be transformed using specific formulas or expressions.
calculated_field (83K)

Visual Aggregation Pipeline

You can now construct and test your MongoDB aggregation pipelines step-by-step through a clear and responsive UI.

Support for Redis Sentinel

Navicat has long supported Redis, the popular open-source in-memory data structure store. Navicat 17 adds support for Redis Sentinel. The high availability solution for Redis, Redis Sentinel provides monitoring, automatic failover, and configuration management for Redis instances, ensuring continuous operation even in the event of failures.


This blog covered just some of the exciting new features to expect in Navicat 17 on May 13 (for English Edition). We'll be sure to cover each of them in more detail in future blog instalments!

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